All the items listed below have been envisioned, designed and developed exclusively on my own except for the clones of invaders, the maze and the self-similarity generator where only the idea is adopted.

Please note that these are only my private projects. Neither the projects I worked on as an employee nor my bigger university projects such as my theses are listed.

Online Table Scraper and Analyzer
Support Vector Machine Tutorial
Soduku solver
An unsupervised machine learning algorithm (gaussian mixture model) with result visualization in the x window system

This webpage. Implemented using django and custom javascript.
Previously deployed on my own server, now hosted but using a separate domain registration
A drum kit beat generator
written for MS-DOS
An article explaining how to stretch the limits of virtual inheritance in c++

see article on codeproject.com
A game teaching programming
Simple sheet music editor
An invaders clone
A simple speech synthesis program based on the international phonetic alphabet
An instant boot loader program written in assembler. Deployed on the boot sector of a floppy disk.
Recursive self-similar pattern creator
A menu-driven user interface specification + a text-based implementation

see article on codeproject.com
'The Maze' clone

An electromagnetic wave reflection simulator

A text mode based game map editor

Rate and sort files asking the smallest amount of comparative questions

A drum tab conversion program

An interval trainer

Another game

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