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  • You don't feel like committing to a new employee?
  • You want to have full and immediate control over the people that develop your product?

By using a contractor your human resource management becomes simple. Evaluate the services you receive against your investment, it's an easy decision.

  • Skip the arduous hiring procedure
  • No employment laws
  • Less bureaucracy from tax, insurance or benefit plans
  • Save on workspace
  • No performance reviews

Code that serves your purpose

Why not take advantage of these benefits?
You will receive quality software from an experienced developer.

I have been programming for more than 15 years applying my skills successfully to various domains. Across these domains I spent more than 10,000 hours programming.

You can find descriptions of some of my early private and smaller student projects on my portfolio. My professional background and some of the projects I worked on as employee and contractor can be found on my public profile: click here to view my profile page

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My main programming language is C++. More recently I've been focussing on speeding up my development through the use of scripting languages like Python.

Delphi drove most of my early projects. I used Java to write a web applet and a machine learning application for Apache Spark.

Linux is currently my main operating system which I have been using exclusively for roughly 10 years.

During my employment I have also been using Windows. I still have a Windows 7 system available but don't have any development tools for it.

As outlined by the chart below, I gained my experience during employment, university research, contracting, and private projects.

Most recently I have been working as an employee and then as a contractor for a company developing web-based accounting software. Before that I was working for a company on their gsm mobile network controlling software. For my Master and Bachelor theses in physics I spent roughly 2 years doing mostly software development.

Every innovator who has come in touch with professional software development knows that the communication with the developer can be both a technical and linguistic challenge. The best programming isn't worth anything if it ends up solving the wrong problem due to some miscommunication.

Let me put your ideas into code
Despite having a slight German-Irish accent, I have received plenty of positive feedback regarding my performance as a speaker and communicator. I will collaborate closely with you to identify the main goals you want to achive to ensure that my software provides an effective solution to your problems.

An essential part of clear communication is knowing what you spend your money on. You will be able to plan your project most cost-effectively if you know how much time was spent on what tasks.

I will keep track of the time spent on the various tasks of your project and report this information back to you. This will help you track the cost and prioritize what tasks should be completed in which order.

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